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EU Programmes

Summary of projects of KORAMEX a.s. funded through the support of EU funds and Czech state budget subsidies.


Operational programme Employment, project "Support for vocational education of employees II, call III"

Implementation period:  12 March – 28 April 2018  

Within the Call III of this Operational Programme, an application was filed for the European Adhesive Specialist (EAS) training course. The application was approved, and our employee has passed the training successfully.

The goal of the educational activity is to prepare medium-level technical personnel for the function of a qualified adhesive supervisor. The training enables the participant to control the adhesive bonding process quality and thus to increase the competitiveness of our company.

Innovation and optimisation of processes, including the organisational structure, in view of increasing the company management effectiveness


Project name: Innovation and optimization of processes including organizational structure in order to improve company management effectiveness

Project registration number: CZ.01.01.02/0.0/0.0/16_045/0010533

Project activity duration:  1 July 2017 – 20 October 2017

Subsidy programme name:  Innovation vouchers

Priority axis of the operational programme: PA-1 "Promoting research and development for innovation"

Specific goal of the operational programme:  SC 1.2 "Increase intensity and efficiency of cooperation in research, development and innovations"

Provider:  Ministry of Industry and Trade

The content of the project is to set up and optimise the existing processes in the company. Process management tools and procedures shall be used in the project. The aim is to analyse processes and to mark them in the process maps. This will be followed by the increase in effectiveness of work procedures and reduction of the activities which do not add any value. After completion of the project the processes will be properly set up, together with responsibilities of the employees assigned to them, leading to an increase in effectiveness of the production system from the viewpoint of capacities and flexibility of the response to customer requirements.

Objective of the project:

The setting up and optimisation of processes as well as improvement of the organisational structure will make it possible to achieve the overall effectiveness of the production system which is to lead to more flexible responses to customer requirements. The activity procedures of the company will be set up strictly and specifically in synoptic process maps, which is to facilitate the managerial and decision making processes of the company management. 

Operational programme Employment, project "Support for vocational education of employees II, call II"

Implementation period:  2017 – 2018

In March 2017, we again submitted applications within call II for welder’s courses. Our employees shall take part in the 1st courses in October 2017.

The applications were approved and our employees successfully completed the courses. For our company it is necessary to maintain and constantly improve the qualification of welding personnel. A higher and wider range of qualification of welders helps in production planning, delivering high quality products, and meeting the delivery terms.

 Within that call, an application for the educational activity: “Implementation of lean manufacturing for the purpose of improving production quality” was submitted. The course shall take place in the period 9/2017 – 11/2017 and it will be attended by our clerical staff.

 In the period 9/2017 - 11/2017, the training in Implementation of Slim Manufacturing Tools to Improve Product Quality was carried out and was attended by our senior management staff. They all passed the final test successfully. 

Operational programme Employment, project Support for vocational education of employees II

Implementation period:  2016 – 2017

In August 2016, our company submitted applications for welder's courses for its present employees. The applications were approved and the first courses took place in December.

Within the project, the employees have increased or widened their qualification in the welding area. All of them passed the courses successfully.

Operational programme “Human Resources and Employment”, project “Employee training support”

Implementation period:  2014 - 2015

  • In 2014 our company launched a new project titled “Employee training support”. Our first application was submitted in January. In April 2014, our white-collar employees successfully attended the seminar on implementation of the new standard ČSN EN ISO 9606-1: Steel welder qualification, new standard ČSN EN ISO 14732: Operator and setter training
  • In May, 2 of our employees attended the seminar titled Preparation for OOZ-S Examination in accordance with the Czech Railway Regulation V95/5.
  • Another employee joined the training course titled International Welding Technologist which continued until November 2014.
  • At the end of May our employees gradually attended courses focused on Repeated Welder Exam and New Welder Exam until May 2015.
  • From October until the beginning of December 2014 the course titled NC Programming of Horizontal Boring Machine WHQ 105 CNC with Heidenhain 430 M Control System was provided. The training course took place at KORAMEX a.s., in the production centre 800 and was adapted to the needs of our company. All four employees who attended this training completed the course successfully and obtained the certificate in December.
  • In March 2015 two more office employees attended crack detection training VT 1+2 and PT 1+2 and consequently passed the related exam in April and May.
  • From 2014 until the end of May 2015 our employees gradually attended and completed welder training courses.
  • Another office employee successfully completed the MT 1+2 crack detection training in September 2015.
  • Our employees attended training courses organized by ZČU in June and July 2015. The following courses were provided: Foreman - production manager, MS Excel – processing of business and technical data in MS Excel – data analysis. All employees who completed the above-mentioned training courses and successfully passed the exams had extended their knowledge and skills.

Operational programme “Human Resources and Employment”, project “Learning for growth”

Implementation period:  2012 – 2013

KORAMEX a.s. joined the project “Learning for growth” implemented by the Czech Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs within the Operational Programme “Human Resources and Employment”. The project was designed as support for employers, employees and job-seekers and followed successful anti-crisis action supporting enterprises at the time of economic crisis, titled “Learn!” and “Training is your chance” and supported from the European Social Fund by companies who managed to overcome the economic crisis.

We submitted our first application in March 2012 and our employees attended the following training in April:

  • ferrous and non-ferrous metal welding
  • crane operator and forklift operator training

Our white-collar employees attended the following training courses during 2012:

  • internal auditor
  • authorized technician - ground buildings, highway construction, non-rail transport structures
  • crack detection training course focused on capillary method PT 1+2 including final exam
  • international welding technologist


More courses followed in 2013:

  • crack detection with capillary method PT 1+2, magnetic powder testing MT 1+2 and visual inspection VT 1+2, including final exams
  • In March 2013 four employees of our company attended the training course NC Programming of Multi-purpose lathe MULTICUT 500S with SINUMERIK 840 D Control System. Following completion of this training course they will be fully capable of operating the MULTICUT 500S machine. The operators will be skilled in processing the workpiece from drawing to final product and selecting the required workpiece processing method, programming the CNC machine and consequently processing semi-finished products on the MULTICUT 500S.
  • Another employee completed the VT 1+2 crack detection test and passed the related exam at the end of 2013.
  • New as well as existing employees of our company attended the welding courses to satisfy the need for enhancement and extension of qualification in the context of the company’s production programme and in accordance with welding standards DIN EN 15085-2 and ČSN EN ISO 3834-2, which is closely related to the application of the standard ČSN EN ISO 9001.

In addition, our company took advantage of the project Operational programme “Human Resources and Employment”, project “Learning for growth! - job opportunities”

Joint regional operational programme - subsidy scheme “Programme for support of small, medium-size and large enterprises within specified areas of the Plzeň region”

Implementation period: 2006

The company acquired the following machine for development of its production activities, supported by a subsidy provided by the Region of Plzen and the European Union:


TruMatic L3030, TRUMPF

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