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company strategy


The strategic goal of our company is to provide products and services of quality

comparable with leading companies in the EU countries.

By continually improving process management, performance, quality and positive motivation for employees to create mutually beneficial partnerships with the best customers, providing comprehensive services in the field of welded and mounted structures.


  • be a sought-after employer for all professions
  • be an important engineering company in the region of Europe
  • be a reliable and respectful partner for customers and suppliers
  • be a consistent environmental protectionist


  • growth, performance, speed of delivery
  • reliability, quality
  • readiness for action, creativity
  • business ethics
  • healthy living and working environment



Our quality policy clearly follows the strategic goal of our company.

The KORAMEX management realizes the crucial importance of quality in the market environment and, following the strategic goal, declares this company's Quality Policy:

  1. Satisfied customer is critical to our prosperity. Partnership with the customer is the best way to ensure and satisfy the customer's demands and wishes.
  2. Customer service provided always at the required date. The company has to be evaluated by the customer in all respects only positively. Partnership based on long-term cooperation.
  3. A high quality product at an unbeatable price. We are constantly learning and improving. The customer has the right to a product of the best quality in the industry.
  4. To continuously develop and consolidate relationships with suppliers who know that they directly influence the quality of our products, deliver on time and at an optimal price.
  5. Employee growth and development is the basis of performance and professional quality. Employees know all their tasks, work according to stated procedures, showing initiative and full engagement. Their involvement in the company processes is the base of our success.
  6. Rational economic management of resources with the minimization of operating costs and active cooperation in their reduction. This results in continuous growth of profits and company valuation according to the owner's requirements.
  7. The company management creates the conditions and the working environment for professional work and positive approach. The evaluation and remuneration system recognizes quality work performance.
  8. The aim of our company is to maintain and constantly improve the established quality system and to comply with the requirements of the established welding standards as a supporting frame of the company management. To ensure the development of technological and functional quality of products and services in interaction with the customer in simple and functional way. Quality as a source of process improvement and innovation without increasing the bureaucratic burden on the company.


In Sušice, 14 January, 2019

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